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We let them loose

The agriculture and forestry in Leberfing belongs to the Lindner Group since 2016. Cows, pigs, sheep and chickens frolic on the 45-hectare site - and all make a happy impression.

The Schwäbisch-Hällischen pigs are born in small huts directly on the pasture and are nursed by the mother for the first 40 days. Instead of only 6 months, our animals grow 10 months and get the best organic food. In suckler cow husbandry the calves grow up with their herds in year-round grazing. The slaughter of the animals is carried out completely stress-free in the trailer directly on the pasture, without any animal transport. The further meat processing takes place on-site in the in-house butcher shop. In doing so, we use natural bonding through hot meat processing and thus do without additives such as phosphates.

Our meat and sausage products here in the Schlossbräu are mainly from our own Land.Luft animals. In case of shortages,as well as poultry, fish and game, we buy from regional providers, which set value on animal welfare.

We look forward to your visit to our Land.Luft farm in Leberfing, which lies 5 km from here near Münchsdorf. See for yourself!