About us - History

We and the beer

The roots of our house are located in Mariakirchen, a small village in lower Bavaria near Arnstorf, which also its name to our hotel chain mk | hotel. Located idyllically on the site of a historic moated castle – also part of the Lindner Group – we have been operating our in-house brewery with beergarden since 2003. The former stables of the castle, which had been released for demolition due to their desolate condition, was preserved through elaborate reconstruction works to accommodate the Schlossbräu Mariakirchen, our first brewery.

In 2007, we built the Schlossparkhotel Mariakirchen just next door. In the following years, we have opened branches of the mk | hotels in Munich, Frankfurt, Eschborn, Berlin, London, Stuttgart and Nin, Croatia. In 2015 we launched the first brewery offspring – Remscheider Bräu in Remscheid / Bergisches Land. After more than 20 years, this house will be producing its own beer again. In addition to the brewery in Remscheid, another mk | hotel has opened and in 2017, two further in-house breweries and mk | hotels have been established: the Rüsselsheimer Bräu along with a four-star mk | hotel and we, the Schiller Bräu in Munich, with the three-star mk | hotel münchen city in the Schillerstrasse. We are pleased to offer you our home made beer specialties in four places now. Our newest projects are the mk | hotel passau, which is close by and mk | hotel tirana, albania. Both are planned to open in spring 2021. 

The hotel and its history


the noble family of St. Mariaekirchen was mentioned in a document for the first time and was also known in the 12th and 14th century. 

In the 14th century

Mariakirchen went to the Chamerauer family. 1398 a man called Ulrich Chamarauer gets mentioned here.


Alban and Hans of Closen bought the Hofmark Mariakirchen from the Chamerauer family. 


the spouses Georg of Closen and Barbara of Nothaft built the moated castle in its present form. This witnesses the lithic renaissance portal in the courtyard of the castle, which has the marriage crest Closen-Nothaft on it. 


Franz baron of Pfetten acquired the moated castle. Until 1810 the castle was owned by the family of Pfetten. In these times, the castel grounds bloomed. 1741 the family built the parish church Mariä Himmelfahrt only a few metres away from the castle. 

Around 1700

the baroque fountain in the courtyard of the castle and the castle chapel with the ceiling painting were built. The painting shows the Virgin Mary of Loretto as well as the four continents known at that time and the four elements (fire, air, water, earth).


Ignaz baron of Pfetten established the brewery belonging to the castle. Here beer was brewed mainly for own use, as it used to be at this time.


the stately stable building with the bohemian vault was built and used for agricultural purposes until after World War II. Although it was protected as a historical monument, the building was released for demolition in the year 2000 because of its desolate state of construction. However we decided to preserve this beautiful vault.

1810 until 1848

Four different owners held the moated castle. Amongst others the barons of Beck, which owned the castle around 1840. They bought the peerage back then. The wooden coffered ceiling in the magnificent halls on the second floor originates from this time. There the family eternalised themselves with their family crest.


the counts of Deym from Arnstorf bought the castle of Mariakirchen – they owned it until 2002. Until today the count’s family is based in nearby Arnstorf. 


The Lindner Group from nearby Arnstorf bought the castle with the adjoining building and the park. The Schlossbräu (castle brewery), an in-house brewery with tavern and beer garden, got built in the old mews. The castle itself was restored costly and was used exclusively for training courses of the Lindner Group. Only in the course of years other companies and bridal couples requested to use the rooms.


The Schlossparkhotel opened its doors. The new building with its green glass front submerges deeply into the castle gardens and creates an exciting contrast to the historical atmosphere of the moated castle. Originally there were 35 rooms in the main house. They are kept in a modern style and distinguish themselves by a clear and geometric design. The four-star Schlossparkhotel closes the circle: holding meetings, celebrating and sleeping in the castle of Mariakirchen.


The Schlossbräu Mariakirchen GmbH established the first mk|hotel in Munich. In the following years 9 other hotels were established mainly in german cities, but also in the city of London and in Croatia the Lindner Group is active (www.mkhotels.de/en).


five hotel rooms were set up in the castle itself. The rooms are designed individually and just as the conference rooms named after persons, which lived in the castle in the past.


the Schlossparkhotel was expanded by the nearby Hofwirt. The 14 hotel rooms, the bowling alley and the theatre hall complement the offering at the castle of Mariakirchen. Also the breakfast area was reshaped generously. Now the house has altogether 54 hotel rooms within three areas.